You’ve been struggling with drugs or alcohol for some time now. You’re exhausted. Your health may be suffering. You’ve hurt your family and friends by using drugs or alcohol. As the saying goes, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You know you need to make a change, but you aren’t sure where to find help.

Detoxing from a drug can be difficult. Maybe you tried quitting on your own but found the withdrawal symptoms too overwhelming. You tried to remain strong, but the drug got the better of you.

This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Countless others have struggled trying to detox from drugs or alcohol. You may have the best intentions to get clean, you just need help.

A drug detox line can be a valuable resource in finally getting clean. By making a simple call, you have access to information and resources to help you achieve your goal of sobriety.

Why is Detoxing So Difficult?

Drugs and alcohol affect how the brain works. It hijacks the brain’s reward system. Addiction makes the brain dependent on mind-altering substances to achieve pleasure. In addition, those suffering with addiction also have other issues in like family problems or mental health conditions. Drugs or alcohol provide an easy escape from these struggles.

The more you use substances, the more your body and brain changes. In fact, you body begins to depend on these drugs to feel happy or “normal”. As the drug leaves your system, your body begins reacting to not having it. Withdrawal symptoms can be mild to severe. In some cases, like detoxing from alcohol, it can be life-threatening.

Most people know there are physical symptoms from detoxing. It varies depending on the drug, but common symptoms are insomnia, irritability, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and depression.

In addition to physical symptoms, there are psychological triggers that make detoxing difficult. Your brain thrives on predictability and habits. Addiction is basically a compulsive habit brought on by obsessive thoughts. For example, if you always got high after arguing with your spouse, you created a habit in your brain. So, if you get in an argument while trying to get clean, this psychological trigger immediately has you craving the drug.

While the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms make detoxing difficult, it is not impossible. Many have found consulting with a national drug detox hotline has changed their life.

Detox Hotline: What to Expect

The decision to finally get help for your drug or alcohol addiction is a brave step in securing a better future for you and your family. While many people are scared or apprehensive about getting help, they are ultimately glad they made the call.

You could call a detox helpline toll free. In many cases, these hotlines are available any time of the day or night. Even if you have some questions or are seeking advice for a loved one, a detox hotline can be helpful.

Some people put off calling a drug and alcohol detox hotline because they aren’t sure what to say. Be assured, you could talk about anything when making the call. If you don’t know what to say, that’s okay. The empathetic hotline staff will help guide the conversation so you could get the information you need.

Some topics commonly addressed during a detox hotline call:

  • Your drug history
  • How drugs have affected you or your family
  • Tips for talking to a loved one about drug use and detoxing
  • Signs and symptoms of addiction or drug dependence
  • Specific information about detoxing from a drug or alcohol
  • What the withdrawal symptoms will be like and how long they will last
  • Ways to medically manage your detox
  • Treatment options for a successful detox
  • Specific resources you can access immediately to get the help you need

You’ve been through a lot. There may even be some things you’re embarrassed about. Sometimes this keeps people from calling a detox and treatment hotline. You shouldn’t be embarrassed. In fact, be proud you’re finally seeking help. Hotline staff won’t belittle you or make you feel bad. They may be the most empathetic, knowledgeable people you could turn to during this difficult time.

Today is the day you can finally start a drug free life. Take the step by calling a drug detox hotline now.