The following questions are the most frequently asked questions about the National Drug Helpline. If you have questions that are not answered by the following, you can contact us anytime.

What is the national drug helpline?

The National Drug Helpline is an organization dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. The National Drug Helpline strives to make hotline numbers accessible to anyone in need. You can read more about The National Drug Helpline on our About page.

Who answers the phone?

For the time being, the phone number found on is being answered by one of our partners that is dedicated to better helping people find and talk through their treatment options. Our partner can help you to find substance abuse treatment, if you are ready for it. If you aren’t ready for it, that is ok. Our helpline is here to answer any and all questions you may have. Substance abuse treatment is a great solution to potentially recover from any addiction you or a loved one may be facing, but do not let anyone push you into treatment if you are not 100% ready for it. Treatment is a big financial, health and time commitment, so make sure you are the one that is ultimately making this decision and not someone else.

Our ultimate goal is to open and operate our own helpline in an effort to alleviate the overwhelming call volume going to SAMSHA and to prevent those struggling with addiction from being admitted to an unethical treatment facility. If you are interested in partnering with The National Drug Helpline or would like to know more about our cause, please contact us.

Who operates this site? is operated by an organization that is dedicated to making substance abuse hotlines and substance recovery resources available to those who are in need of help. We are not associated with SAMHSA or any government organization in anyway. We are National in the sense that our helpline is dedicated to helping those residing in the United States. We offer help to those across the nation. We are not a government organization or entity. Our organization is a grassroots effort that is self funded. If you are looking for a government organization that can help you or a loved one with an addiction, please visit the SAMHSA site.

Why don’t I just call samhsa from their site?

You can definitely call the SAMHSA phone number from their site and should call SAMHSA if you would like help from a federally funded organization associated with the United States government. is an alternative resource provided to those in need. You can access the SAMHSA website by clicking here.

In the near future, we hope to have our own dedicated helpline. We aim to provide as many resources as possible and want to alleviate the volume of calls that other organizations receive in order to reduce treatment times. We also strive to protect those who are seeking treatment from unethical treatment centers.

Is this site affiliated with samhsa?

No, is not affiliated with SAMHSA in anyway. We are also not affiliated with any government or federally funded organization. We are a grassroots organization that is self funded. If you are looking to contact SAMSHA or a government organization, click here.

Is this site a non profit?

No, is not a non profit. is for profit and we are compensated for the work we perform. Although we monetize off of this site, we are still thoroughly dedicated to helping those suffering with addiction and substance abuse. Compensation we receive helps to support the costs associated with operating the website.

Will my information be private and confidential?

Yes, all information transmitted via The National Drug Helpline and is completely confidential and HIPAA compliant. Your information is not public in anyway. Although our partner may collect data from you (with your permission) to help you with any questions or concerns you have, your information will not be made public in anyway. The only data collects is from our analytics platform, which is standard with all website Terms of Use. We take privacy very seriously and have put into place specific measures to ensure that your privacy is protected.

If you are attempting to remain as anonymous as possible, it is recommended that you use Incognito searches (Google Chrome), Private Tabs (Mozilla Firefox) or Private Browsing (Apple Safari). Also, you can clear your cache and search history if you opt to use standard browsing. Lastly, be sure that your internet connection is on a private network.

Can I call for someone else?

Yes, The National Drug Helpline and exists to provide resources to anyone. You can call the helpline for someone you are concerned about and for a loved one. You don’t have to have a substance abuse or addiction problem yourself to call the hotline.

What are the hours of operation?

The National Drug Helpline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On occasion, our helpline is not staffed due to holidays or other personnel limitations. If your phone call is not answered, feel free to call us back. If you are experiencing a medical emergency or any type of life threatening situation, call 911.

Do I need insurance to call the helpline?

No, insurance is not required to call the helpline. The helpline is toll-free. If you decide to go to treatment after you call the hotline, you will most likely need insurance or you will have to pay out of pocket.

Is my call free?

Yes, your call on the hotline is 100% toll-free. As mentioned above, if you decide to seek treatment after calling our helpline, you will most likely need to pay for this treatment. Unfortunately, there are very few free addiction treatment options that exist.

is this content professional medical advice?

No. Any and all content found on is not professional medical advice. As mentioned in our site wide disclaimer, content found on is designed to discuss general topics related to addiction treatment. The function of this site is to post relevant articles that we feel are relevant to addiction treatment. This content should not be taken as, or replace, advice from a medical professional. Please consult a medical professional for any health related concerns and a financial professional for any monetary concerns.

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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, overdose, health crisis or an other urgent matter; CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. The National Drug Helpline is not the appropriate phone number to call when experiencing any kind of life threatening situation.