Heroin, or diamorphine, is an incredibly dangerous opioid analgesic, and many people who try the drug recreationally quickly develop a powerful addiction to it. It is arguably one of the most destructive of all illicit drug addictions. If you or someone you love is struggling with heroin abuse, it is time to get help. When you contact us, we will help you find a heroin recovery center.

For most people, the first step in the recovery process is the admission that they need help. Often, when people are addicted to heroin, however, their addiction may prevent them from realizing that they have a problem. In such a case, the responsibility for diagnosing the addiction falls on the shoulders of their friends or relatives.

If you or someone dear to you is taking heroin, the dangers of addiction must be considered. The following signs may indicate that someone is a heroin addict:

  • Unexplained changes in mood or behavior
  • Changes in appearance
  • Disinterest in hygiene or appearance
  • Fluctuating weight
  • Needle marks on forearms, upper arms, legs, hands, neck or between the toes
  • Shaking

Most people are unable to get past a heroin addiction on their own. This is where the importance of a heroin treatment and rehab program comes into the picture. Calling heroin hotline numbers are a great way to be introduced to treatment options. These programs will give them the skills that they need to reclaim their life and move forward without heroin.

What to Expect from heroin treatment

When you first enter treatment, you will be given an assessment. During the assessment, you will give your healthcare providers the information that they need to craft a heroin recovery program for you. In most cases, they will ask questions about your drug use and mental health history. They may also test you for HIV/AIDS and other diseases for which you may be at risk as a heroin user. Once you have finished these steps, you will start the detoxification process.

While at the treatment center, you will attend counseling sessions, and you will spend a lot of time learning how to relax without drugs. Because you will likely be spending a lot of time at the treatment facility, you may want to pick a facility with a wide range of amenities. These amenities may include everything from luxurious rooms to yoga studios to massage or acupuncture appointments.


Once you enter a heroin treatment facility, you will have to undergo a medically supervised detoxification. For many addicts, detoxification can be the scariest part of addiction treatment. However, at a heroin recovery center, this process can be a lot easier. In most cases, the doctors at the treatment facility will slowly wean you off of heroin so that it doesn’t shock your system, and they might prescribe medication, such as Methadone or Suboxone, to help you through the process.


Recovery Center considerations

When selecting a heroin recovery center, you should closely consider the type of therapy that is offered by the center. In order to get past your addiction, you will need to deal with the underlying causes of your addiction. If you suffer from any mental health problems, a center must also be able to address those issues.

There are centers that focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and ones that focus on motivational enhancement therapy. Regardless of the type of therapy the center offers, you should expect to spend a great deal of time in group and individual therapy sessions. Some centers will offer a faith-based approach to addiction, while others may offer you specialized treatment based on your gender. Your individual needs and preferences will be the main determinant of the center you ultimately end up enrolling in.

Getting Help by calling our heroin hotline

If you or a loved one are addicted to heroin, it is time to get help. Call our heroin hotline today. We are standing by 24/7 to answer your call. When you call our heroin helpline, a helpful representative will assist you with finding a heroin recovery program.