Sex addiction may be hard to diagnose and even has a certain type of taboo around it, but it exists and effects many people on a daily basis.

Sex, Love & Porn

Sex addiction can take many forms. The act of sexual intercourse can be addictive, the feelings evoked from being in love can be addictive and porn can be addictive. All relate to the general topic of sex, but they all affect people in very different ways.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is complicated. Enjoying sex does not make you an addict. Sex is a normal part of human life and is required for reproduction. Sex can be very healthy if practiced properly. If you are making risky sexual decisions or feel like sex has taken over your life, you may want to consider calling a sex addiction hotline. Many people suffer from sex addiction and organizations, such as Sexaholics Anonymous, exist where people suffering from sex addiction can gather and discuss their struggles and recovery.

Love Addiction

Love addiction is more emotional than physical. Love addiction involves infatuation and enamor at an unhealthy level. Love is beautiful and to love is human. However, if you feel that your style of love feels more like obsession, you may want to consider therapy for love addiction.

Porn Addiction

A porn addiction is often hard for many people to diagnose. Porn is commonly used by many across the nation and the internet is flooded with it. The actual definition of porn is even hard to identify. If the use of porn has taken over your life or has affected your ability to be emotionally or physically intimate with others, then you may have a porn addiction. Porn creates unrealistic expectations and is extremely difficult to avoid considering how easily accessible it is thanks to the internet. However, it can be beaten.

What Causes an Addiction to Sex?

Sex addiction can be caused by so many things and varies on a case by case basis. Sex addiction is a behavioral addiction and typically involves something to do with your mind. Past experiences, your upbringing or trauma could all cause an addiction to sex. To know the root of your sex addiction, it’s best to seek out sexual therapy or treatment.

What Are the Signs of Sexual Addiction?

The signs of sex addiction are not obvious. They can be difficult to determine since sex is such a normal part of everyday life. Typically, the best indicator of sex addiction is if you find that sex has consumed your life. If you are constantly thinking about or performing sexual acts, you may be addicted.

Dual Diagnosis With Sex Addiction

In many cases, sex addicts might also struggle with addictions to drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse could be the cause of sex addiction or could be a result of sex addiction. The National Drug Helpline offers hotlines for the following substances to those who may be suffering from sex addiction as well:

If you think you have issues with both substance abuse and sex addiction, it’s crucial to find a sex addiction treatment plan that can help you deal with both of these issues. Call our 24 hour sex addiction hotline today to find help.