When many people think of addiction, they picture those abusing drugs or alcohol. After all, addiction is commonly associated with substance abuse. Addiction, however, is common with certain behaviors like overeating, gambling, exercise, and even sex.

When someone loses control of their behaviors and sacrifices their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being, it is considered an addiction. Simply put, addiction is a vicious cycle of obsessive thoughts leading to compulsive behaviors. One obsesses about a certain behavior, such as looking at porn or having sex, until they compulsively engage in the behavior. They may have a short period of joy or euphoria afterward. Unfortunately, the obsessive thoughts quickly return. Before you know it, you are stuck in a habitual pattern that can destroy your relationships, finances, and even health.

Addiction is a complex mental health disorder. It often has a variety of causes. Some people have a family history of the disease. Others experience trauma or other psychologically damaging events leading to addiction. Some haven’t developed the necessary skills to cope and function with everyday stressors so they turn to their chosen addictive behaviors as a way to deal with life. As a result, they often retreat into their own selfish world of pleasure and ignore their responsibilities and commitments.

Sex and Porn Addiction is Real

Many people find sex a fulfilling and positive way to express feelings for those they love. Others, however, find it as a means to escape or fill a void. This includes excessive viewing of porn.

Take a moment to think of why people use drugs. Drugs are mind-altering substances that increase the production of pleasure chemicals in the brain. Sex, and even viewing porn, also increases these pleasure chemicals. As a result, your brain begins to rely on these behaviors to experience pleasure. As one becomes more and more entrenched in this disease, they start engaging in risky behaviors that put personal relationships and even their freedom at risk.

But how? Those struggling with sex addiction often need to find more exciting ways to express their sexual desires. The new experiences increases the pleasure chemicals in the brain. Instead of moderating their behaviors, they may find themselves doing more dangerous or illegal activities. For example, they may engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners putting themselves and others at risk for disease. Some drain their finances subscribing to more and even illegal porn websites.

Signs and Symptoms of Sex & Porn Addiction

As with any addiction, there are certain “red flags” to look for if you feel you or a loved one has a problem. These include:

  • Spending more time pursuing sex or porn. As your addiction intensifies, you tend to neglect other aspects of your life including family time, career, and leisure activities.
  • Putting yourself in high risk situations. The expectation of the perfect sexual experience may raise with ever encounter. Soon you may start engaging in risky behaviors to achieve the same pleasure.
  • Experiencing financial difficulties. Using money to pay for sex or high-quality porn sites may keep you from paying your everyday bills.
  • Losing interest in personal relationships. As you turn to porn or strangers for personal pleasure, you may no longer have any sexual interest in your spouse or partner. As a result, your family life suffers.

These are just some of the ways sex and porn can negatively impact your life. Fortunately, there are ways you can regain control of your life.

Getting Help for Your Addiction

So who can you turn to when sex or porn has taken over your life? You may be embarrassed or uncertain if you even have a problem. Talking about your issues may be difficult. Of course, there is a deep, nagging feeling that something may be wrong in your life. While many dealing with addiction ignore their gut instincts, those that decide to take action are glad they did.

You may, at first, find it difficult talking about your sex and porn addiction face to face. After all, many of us never learned how to talk frankly about sex. A confidential phone call, however, may make it easier to start the conversation. Many people find once they begin talking, it is easier to find they help they truly need.

A sex & porn addiction helpline can help you get your life and positive relationships back. By calling, you have access to a caring, non-judgmental professional who can help you find the resources you need to confront your sex & porn addiction. Don’t let your life continue to spiral out of control. Start true change today.

Dual Diagnosis With Sex Addiction

In many cases, sex addicts might also struggle with addictions to drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse could be the cause of sex addiction or could be a result of sex addiction. The National Drug Helpline offers hotlines for the following substances to those who may be suffering from sex addiction as well:

If you think you have issues with both substance abuse and sex addiction, it’s crucial to find a sex addiction treatment plan that can help you deal with both of these issues. Call our 24 hour sex addiction hotline today to find help.