Did you know there is a month dedicated to those facing their challenges with addiction? Since 1989, Recovery Month has celebrated the triumphs of those embracing sobriety each September. As you may be able to tell, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Recovery Month.

So what happens during Recovery Month? How did it start? What’s new for Recovery Month 2019? Find out here.

What is Recovery Month?

Sometimes known as National Recovery Month, this is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SAMHSA is an agency within the United States Department of Health and Human Services that seeks to reduce the negative impacts of substance abuse and mental illness in our country’s communities. This agency is responsible for leading and innovating behavioral health practices throughout the nation.

During the three decades of Recovery Month, millions of people have found inspiration to face their challenges and learn about new ways to live a happy and fulfilling life. Over the course of the month, thousands of addiction treatment facilities and programs celebrate the accomplishments of those successfully completing treatment and beginning a fulfilling life of sobriety. Recovery programs all over the country raise awareness about addiction treatment and share the positive stories of transformed lives. As a result, the general public has a greater understanding of the importance of getting help for substance use disorders and addiction.

The greater awareness also helps to reduce the stigma of addiction and getting treatment. As a result, more people find the courage to seek treatment for themselves or loved ones.

What’s New for Recovery Month 2019?

As part of the 30th anniversary of Recovery Month, a new logo has been developed to showcase a symbolic reminder of recovery. The small letter “r” is prominent in the logo representing recovery and the support many individuals need throughout their journey.

In addition, over 200 government entities as well as nonprofit substance abuse programs took part in the planning process of this year’s Recovery Month. Each year a new theme and focus is created to spread the word about the importance and successes of treatment.

This year’s theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger.  As anyone in Recovery knows, it takes support from many to face the challenges of finally getting sober. This year’s Recovery Month focus is on the first responders, healthcare workers, community leaders, and advocates helping to support recovery in our society.

Just like recent years, SAMHSA created a Recovery Month toolkit to help organizations, groups, and individuals plan activities and events helping to increase awareness about treatment and recovery. In addition to enlightening the general public, the toolkit helps to reach out to individuals who are in need of addiction therapy services.

Want to Learn More About Recovery Month?

If you’re an addiction professional or an individual enjoying a successful recovery, this September is kudos to you. Make the 30th annual Recovery Month a time for you to celebrate your triumphs and share you stories.

Looking for more information and resources? How about Recovery Month activities in your area?  A great place to start is visiting the SAMHSA Recovery Month website. Starting in the spring you could download the 2019 Recovery Month Toolkit. In addition, you can find promotional tools and public service announcements for your website, social media outlets, and to raise community awareness.

Let’s make September 2019 a Recovery Month that will change lives and encourage a positive attitude about pursuing a life of sobriety!

Last updated: November 3, 2019