Highly addictive and widely abused, cocaine can easily take hold of lives and turn worlds upside down. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1.9 million current cocaine users existed in 2008 alone, making the drug’s grip widespread. Finding the best cocaine recovery center requires knowing what to look for and what level of treatment your addiction needs.

You or your loved one should take time when investigating facilities because the path to sobriety is much smoother with the right facility to help guide the way. Researching centers online and over the phone can really make a difference in knowing what facility will work for you. If you think you might be considering treatment, give our cocaine addiction hotline a call. We can help talk you through your options.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Rehabilitation centers may cater to a certain kind of substance abuse. When investigating centers, be sure that a facility treats cocaine addiction specifically because this addiction benefits from specialized care. Unlike many drugs, cocaine comes in many forms and can often be mixed with other substances by dealers to stretch it further, complicating the treatment of addicts. The right center understands what its patients are going through and knows how to handle patients’ cravings, concerns and individual needs.

After you’ve determined a center treats cocaine addiction, the next step in locating the best rehabilitation center is coming to terms with the severity of your addiction. By admitting how serious your cocaine addiction is, you can get the proper care for your troubles. If your addiction is severe enough, your recovery may require medically monitored detoxification something that is not offered by all rehabilitation facilities. This special need is something you must consider when looking at prospective cocaine treatment centers and may help you narrow down your choices significantly. There is some controversy over the detox process with cocaine addiction. Since cocaine is not generally physically addictive, detox is not always required. However, severe psychological addictions can lead to certain withdrawal symptoms during the detox process, and medical monitoring can be beneficial.

Another factor related to your level of addiction is whether you use other drugs in addition to cocaine. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2007, 72 percent of cocaine users seeking treatment for a cocaine addiction were crack users and probable poly-drug users, meaning they used more than one type of drug. Other substances that are commonly used with cocaine are alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. Such poly-drug users need additional care for these addictions; this extra level of care is not available at some facilities. If you struggle with an addiction to cocaine or know someone else who does, don’t give up.


Various Treatment Methods

The best cocaine recovery program will also offer several treatment methods. These facilities approach an addict from multiple angles, treating not only the addiction but also the person. A good program will offer one-on-one care to discuss your individual progress and addiction as well as group sessions to offer users peer support. These programs may also offer medicinal approaches to treat the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal and long-term addiction. Most importantly, the best cocaine treatment facility will ensure your individual psychological needs are met. This therapy caters to your or your loved one’s mental health as a whole and offers treatment for underlying issues you may not know you have, such as anxiety or depression.

In addition, if you suffer from a mental illness, it’s important to be sure your prospective recovery center offers psychological services. Staff at a rehabilitation center should readily answer questions about available treatment methods and may offer you a tour of the facilities. Taking the time to learn about these details beforehand can really make a difference in finding the right fit.

An effective cocaine rehabilitation center will give its patients the tools and means to carry on with a healthy life outside of residential treatment. Aside from preparing patients for the outside world with family therapy and life-building skills, the best centers offer ongoing aftercare or can arrange aftercare for those who have successfully completed treatment. This continuing care can be a daily outpatient program or a 12-step option once or twice a week. Aftercare is essential in maintaining sobriety because it offers former abusers a sense of community and strength outside of the confines of rehab. When interviewing recovery facilities, it’s important to know what they offer after a successful stay. This seemingly small piece of the puzzle makes a massive difference in the big picture of recovery because ongoing care keeps an addict focused on the ultimate goal of a life of sobriety. Allow yourself to have a happier, healthier life without cocaine.

Finding a facility to treat your cocaine addiction doesn’t have to be a struggle. By knowing the right questions to ask and being honest with yourself about your condition, you can find the right course of treatment much more easily. The best cocaine recovery program confronts addiction aggressively with multiple treatments and has the means to provide for your or your loved one’s individual needs. Making the choice can take a bit of time, but putting in this extra bit of effort can really help you with finding the right fit for your recovery.


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